A Quick Look at the Ego Blower

In this video Ben has a quick look at the features of the Ego Blower, including the handy battery swapping feature.

Today we're just having a quick look at the ego blower, all of the ego products are powered by a 56 volt lithium-ion battery so there is plenty of power. If you buy them as a kit they come with a 2.5 amp hour battery, they have the fuel indicator on the back of them which gives you an idea of how much charge is in the battery. To turn it on it's simply just a matter of pulling the trigger. Then you've got a power adjustment on the front there if you need. If you need a bit more power there's a turbo button on the top there just to help you move those those hard to get objects off the ground it's nice and balanced when you've got the battery on it so very easy to use.

Ben, Stanford Mowers

How Long Will Your EGO Battery Run For?

All EGO ARC Lithiumâ„¢ batteries are compatible with all our EGO tools and chargers, but some jobs need more power than others. Our handy EGO Battery Run Time Chart tells how long each battery will run for on different EGO tools. Of course these run times are just a guide, make sure you speak to our experienced staff for more information.