Easy Finance

Ezilease is a personal lease that allows you to pay for goods in low monthly payments over your choice of a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year agreement with no upfront deposit. The length of the term is entirely up to you, it’s your choice!

With Ezilease you can get the equipment you want today with no deposit, low monthly payments, quick approval and the option to “keep” the goods or “swap” to the “latest and greatest” before the end of your agreement.

Ezilease is today’s way to pay to get the lifestyle you deserve!


  • Compared to buying and owning, Ezilease allows you to get the goods you want now without the initial cash outlay.
  • You are not restricted by the limits of your cash or credit card.
  • There’s no deposit, just easy monthly rental payments – meaning you can get the model you really want!
  • With Ezilease’s great end of term options you can upgrade your equipment to keep pace with the latest technology!
  • Ezilease makes it easy to choose a term that will cover the life of your products making upgrading to new products seamless.


For all enquiries call 1300 394 532.