EGO Powerload Trimmer

Ben gives us a quick review of the PowerLoad Trimmer including the handy PowerLoad feature.

Hi it's Ben here from Stanford Mowers. We're just going to have a quick look at the EGO Powerload trimmer. Being a battery powered unit they actually have an auto rewind function, so with the trimmer line all you do is cut off about two arm lengths of cord and then just fold it in half. When it comes to rewinding it you just simply feed the trimmer line straight through the head like so and then put it on the ground. Roughly get it so it's halved and then just press the button like so and it just winds it back on. Once you get the cord down to the required length then you're ready to go

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All EGO ARC Lithium™ batteries are compatible with all our EGO tools and chargers, but some jobs need more power than others. Our handy EGO Battery Run Time Chart tells how long each battery will run for on different EGO tools. Of course these run times are just a guide, make sure you speak to our experienced staff for more information.

Powerload Trimmer

Introducing the world’s first Line Trimmer with POWERLOAD™ Technology. This technology solves one of the biggest pain points of line trimmers, replacing your line. It is as easy as feeding the line into the head and pressing a button!

EGO ST1521E 38cm Line Trimmer