Ben's Quick Review of the Masport Prosmart 18 Lawn Mower

Ben has a quick look at the Masport Prosmart 18 mower.

This is a very good mower for a normal backyard. It's got a 159 cc overhead valve four-stroke engine which has the convenience of just using normal unleaded in the fuel tank, oil is separate just like a car. It's got a steel back flap here for added durability which gives it lots of strength. Underneath the mower, and here we've got a disc with four blades the advantage of four blades is that they give you more airflow which helps throw the grass back into the catcher. Ball bearing wheels all around and the large eight inch wheels on the front which makes the mower easier to push the loop handle at the bottom here gives the handle extra strength so it's nice and strong which reduces the chance of the handle cracking. So overall this is a really good mower as i said for just a normal suburban backyard.

Ben, Stanford Mowers

More details on the Masport Prosmart 18

The Masport Prosmart range of mowers is an exclusive range of high specification mowers that you will only find in specialist dealers. The Prosmart 18 is an excellent mower for small to medium sized lawns. It has the following features.

  • Ultimate Catching Performance – Quad-blade cutting system delivers a cleaner cut & improved catching in thick, wet grass
  • Starting made easy with an automatic choke. No prime, no choke just a smooth pull start.
  • Powered by a large and powerful 159cc OHV four stroke engine
  • Solid plastic catcher for long life
  • Steel rear catcher flap for added durability
  • Comfort grip handle with lower loop for added strength
  • Large ball bearing wheels front and back make the mower easy to push

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