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With over 30 different models on display that are all available to drive, we have the ride-on mower for all applications. All you have to do is visit our store and we can show you the best mower for your needs. Whether its a tractor style, articulated version or the latest in skid steer technology for working in tight spaces. From Domestic to full commercial types, our superstore range can help show you the benefits of each style. Our customers ask for lots of variations. Good visibility, a great turning circle or a machine that feels really stable under your bum. We've heard it all, so we can offer you the best advice.

With over 30 different models on display that are all available to drive, we have the ride-on mower for all applications


Walk Mowers

View the largest range of petrol and electric mowers in SA. Whether you need something small for a compact yard, or a self propelled domestic or commercial mower, our Superstore at Gepps Cross has it all for you. If you're not sure which machine is best for you, then try before you buy. The team at Stanford Mowers are the Experts in Garden Care, and everything we sell is ready to mow or go. We show you how to use your new garden care product safely, and little tips on how to maintain it for years of great service.

SA's largest range, powered by petrol, electric, & even Lithium Ion battery. Or add a little luxury with key starts & self propelled.

560 XP


Chainsaws  are one of the most popular tools for anyone serious about their gardening or property needs. At the superstore, you'll find lots of choices for home use, serious gardeners and fellow professionals. Plus, lithium battery technology has made its way to the chainsaw as well. You'll be utterly amazed at how much a lithium chainsaw can do. Going camping or off-road? Why not pack one of these little beauties in for the trip. They're lightweight, super efficient and you don't have to carry potentially dangerous fuel. Come in for a demonstration to see for yourself.

When its time to get productive we sell Chainsaws for Pro's & Gardeners alike. The new Lithium Ion models change everything.


Log Splitters

If you have access to firewood and want to find a better way to split your seasoned timber, get yourself a logsplitter. Why axe or wedge those logs, when hydraulics do it faster. You'll split through tonnes of timber in no time. Whether you choose an electric or petrol powered machine, our selection that will save you time, effort and a strained back. Have a look at our youtube Redgum hydraulic  machine in action. You can use it vertically or horizontally and tow it around with your tractor, ride on mower or utility type vehicle.

So, you've cut all that wood and now you need to split it. After watching the demo you wont want to swing an axe ever again.

Stanfords Mowers on YouTube


Our YouTube channel contains a selection of instruction videos and product demonstrations. We're constantly building up new material for you, so you can see exaqctly what we can do for you.

Easy Finance

Ezilease is a personal lease that allows you to pay for goods in low monthly payments over your choice of a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year agreement with no upfront deposit.

Easy Finance - cover behind
brushcutters and trimmers

Trim & Brush

Every household has one. Its part of the Sunday morning spring gardening affair. And now, lithium battery technology makes the humble garden edging the quietest affair ever. The smell of cut grass and coffee, without upsetting the neighbors, the cat or your partner. But if you need to attack some serious weed or brush around the property, we can show you the big daddies of the edger world. From walk behind, to full harness, bull handle beasties. We've got the right model for you.

Make work easy. Pro models & trimmers for home, now with whisper quiet Lithium Ion technology



Lithium Ion battery technology makes a world of difference to your gardening experience. Imagine working in and around people in relative peace and quiet. Lithium powered machines have been around for a little while now, but today's technology is a game changer. We have professional users and councils rigorously testing these great products and we're getting plenty of positive response. Our Victa and Husqvarna series offer chainsaws, hedge trimmers, blowers, grass trimmers and mowers. Less noise, no fumes and more comfort. Sounds like a good deal for all.

Battery power has come a long way. Less noise, no fumes and more comfort. Sounds like a good deal for all.


Hedge & Edge

Everyone appreciates a freshly shaped and impressively manicured hedge. The realm of Lords and Ladies and richly defined Classic English Garden. So if you want your Aussie hedge to look the part, or if you're looking to create some impressive topiary tree art forms, our hedge and edge options are perfect for you.

Manicure an impressive hedge or define that sharp chiseled edge, so you can define your own classic Aussie garden.

Blow & Vac

Blow & Vac

There's no escaping leaf litter and garden cuttings if you live in a garden. So make your job easier with one of our extra efficient blowers or outdoor vacs. For all you property people, clean up for fire season with a complete package of products to make that job easy. And remember, if you already have something from the lithium battery range, you can just add another base unit to fit in with your battery pack solution. Lithium battery technology makes life in suburbs a much quieter and happy affair.

Blow your cares away. Serious kit for property people or go whisper quiet in suburbia with Lithium Ion technology



If you do a bit of work as a handyman, or like to get away for a camping trip into the bush, a portable generator from Stanford Mowers is a must. These practical little tools come in a variety of types to suit your needs. Our Honda domestic portable range are super quiet and compact enough to store away, out of the way. If you need something with a bit more kick, talk to us about the right tool for your job.

When power is a must and the electricity goes bust... these portable GEN-SETS are just right for you.

Need Parts Chop Chop

For fast moving parts, order anytime online for pick-up or delivery.

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Parts & Service Workshop

We have the largest range of genuine and aftermarket parts in SA, supporting the brands we sell. If we don't have it on the shelves, we'll get the part and send it direct to you if you are unable to drop in.

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If we cant beat your best price quote on an exact item, we'll at the very least match it and see what else we can throw in for you.

If we cant beat your best price quote on an exact item, we'll at the very least match it and see what else we can throw in for you.